Csiga-Biga Mozgás- és képességfejlesztő Alapítvány
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7100 Szekszárd Bátaszéki u. 40.
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The Csiga-Biga Movement and Skills Development Foundation has been operating as a non-profit organization in Szekszárd since 2004. Kindergarten pedagogues, teachers, special pedagogues, speech therapists, psychologists, psychopedagogues, physical therapists, physiotherapists, and conductors deal with the development of children.

Our goals:
– to create an atmosphere of early recognition and in parallel, special development with follow-up and focus on lagging and delayed skills and abilities
– to emphasize movement development and skill development in childhood, since many later problems can be prevented with conscious development.
– to raise the demand for a healthy lifestyle, organizing health-preserving activities.
– to promote equal opportunities for disadvantaged children. The essential condition of which is ensuring equal access and planning and implementing supporting steps and services that reduce their existing disadvantages. This will improve their success, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our primary task is to bring canine therapy to as many needy children as possible, and to contribute to and promote their development, either mentally, physically or cognitively.

We believe it is important to learn and apply new, effective methods and therapies in our daily work, with which we can contribute to the harmonious and versatile development of children and to the usefulness of their leisure activities.

The following details how we began animal-assisted therapy, i.e. canine therapy. A big milestone in our efforts was when a very active „Canine therapy” working group was created within our organization. It is still running and is constantly expanding with therapy dogs and their handlers.

As a result of our professional work, we became members of the Hungarian Therapy and Assistance Dog Association in May 2013.

We consider it important that canine therapy, as a pedagogical and special pedagogic method, should be known as widely as possible and should form an integral part of various therapeutic, developmental and leisure programs.

The programs planned and organized by our foundation always take place in the spirit of equal opportunities. Prioritizing integration is an essential element of the planned various activities, in connection with the organization of leisure programs.

Conferences -animal-assisted therapy: 2016, 2018, 2020,2022

Our trainings:


  • Implementation of OKJ Habilitation dog training course 4 times in Szekszárd
  • In 2012, we accredited our 30-hour continuing education for teachers
  • Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Sensitization
  • Animal protection
Headquarters: Csiga-Biga Complex Development Center
Bátaszéki str. 40.
Szekszárd 7100

Csiga-Biga Development and Diagnostic Workshop
Deák F. Str.3.
Tamási 7090

Training track and dog school:
Damjanich utca 5.
Medina 7057

Our tender activities are continuous.